DirecTV Tips and Other Information

No Yellow Port on DirecTV Box:

The DirecTV Genie Mini does not have a yellow composite video output. It has a 10-pin AV output. DirecTV has an adapter cable for converting the 10-pin output to RCA outputs. You can find the DirecTV A/V 10-pin to RCA Conversion Cable here:

TVGuardian LT and DirecTV Remotes:

New DirecTV remotes (small remotes/genie remotes) use RF signal where the old DirecTV remotes (big/long) use IR.  These remotes, as well as other Satellite/Cable Universal remotes, do NOT work with the TVGuardian LT.  You will need the manufacturer's remote control for your TV or soundbar/surround sound in order to program the TVGuardian LT.

Inconsistent Filter:

If your TVGuardian seems to be working inconsistent with DirecTV Genie, or if your TVGuardian was working but is no longer (and nothing has changed on your system), make sure the Power Saving Mode is turned OFF in the Genie's settings.  Having this setting turned on will cause the TVG to not work consistently and you will get the "NO TVG" sign constantly.