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Satellite - DVD/Blu-Ray - Digital Video Recorders - Online Streaming

TVG Not Filtering With A DVD Player Built Into A Sound System
The TVGuardian cannot filter profanity on a DVD player that is built into a soun... more
Redbox DVDs Listed As Having Closed-Captions (CC) Not Being Filtered
Redbox mistakenly lists many DVDs as having closed captioning when they do not. ... more
NOTVG Displays When Playing A DVD That Has Closed-Captioning.
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Getting The TVG to Work With Dish ViP®922 SlingLoaded™ DVR.
First go to the DVR menu, setting, CC and click on solid text; then save. While ... more
DISH Network DVR Closed-Caption Delay or Audio Sync.
Most DISH receivers work fine with the TVGuardian. We have discovered that some ... more
DirecTV Tips and Other Information
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DirecTV and DISH Lag issues
There are about 10% of the newer cable/satellite boxes that deliver delayed clos... more
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