DISH Network DVR Closed-Caption Delay or Audio Sync.

Most DISH receivers work fine with the TVGuardian. We have discovered that some DISH DVRs require a setting change in the DISH menu to sync the CC and audio, and other DISH DVRs have a software bug that causes the closed-captions to lag behind and/or have garbage characters. Since TVGuardian depends on the closed-captions, this DISH bug causes problems for TVGuardian.

The good news is we've found some possible solutions for you to try with DISH.

If you're having an issue with DISH, please try the applicable steps below:
1) which DISH DVR model you have,
2) which of the steps below you've tried, and
3) if the steps below worked to correct the issue for you, or not.

DISH MODEL ViP 622, maybe others:
TV1 Audio Sync: The receiver can be set to synchronize the TV1 audio to the SD video outputs.

  • Go to the TV1 Audio Sync menu by pressing MENU on the remote, selecting System Setup (6), Installation (1), then TV1 Audio Sync (7).
  • Select Standard Definition, then select Done.

DISH MODEL ViP 722k, maybe others:
There is a DISH closed-captions bug that only seems to occur with some dual tuner DVRs that support two TVs on one receiver. Changing the DISH Mode to the 2-TV setting seems to make it less likely for the bug to surface that causes the closed-captions to lag behind and/or create garbage characters.

Follow these instructions to change the setting:

  • 1. Reset the DVR (the button may be under a panel on the front of the DISH DVR). Either press the reset button, or hold in the Power button for ten seconds, until the receiver starts to reboot. You should see the DISH logo on your TV.

    2. Once you see normal TV again, press the Mode button on the front panel of the DISH DVR and change the setting to 2-TV mode: There are three sets of lights on the front panel; Mode, TV1 and TV2. 1-TV Mode has 1 square, 2-TV Mode has 2 overlapping squares. The TV2 light will light up in a blue color, too.

    3. The cc/audio out of sync bug may still surface, however, this setting should give you many hours of profanity-free viewing. If the cc/audio timing gets off again, you need to repeat the reset step in #1.

In this setting, you will lose the picture-in-picture ability, however, it fixes the CC problem and TVGuardian will work properly. If you're watching sports, and want PIP back to watch two games at once, you can simply change the Mode back to the 1-TV mode again. Then change it back later for TV shows and movies.

DISH MODEL ViP 722k other known problems:

We have uncovered a bug with the ViP 722k and the TVGuardian 501HD that restricts sound passing through to the TV.  This happens even when the ViP 722k is in 2-TV mode (we have not checked the 1-TV mode).  We believe the problem is with the "handshaking" of the device and possibly HDMI cable between the ViP 722k and the TVGuardian 501.  It is unconfirmed if this issue arises with surround sound or a sound bar/external speakers attached.

Possible Fixes (untested)

1. Check out the TVGuardian LT.  The TVGuardian LT doesn't have any HDMI pass through, meaning the video/sound never go to the TVGuardian.  This allows the LT to simply mute the sound instead of attempting to establish a "handshake" with the Dish ViP 722k.  Please keep in mind that the TVGuardian LT does NOT display closed captions on the screen.  If this is a feature you want/need, please continue below to find more possible fixes for the TVGuardian 501HD.

2. Call Dish Network and report the sound bug, then ask them to swap for a different receiver model (be wary of the ViP 722, ViP 722k, ViP 622 any any others listed on  There may be a charge associated with swapping the box.  -  The Hopper 3 box allows customers to try, then subscribe monthly to the TVGuardian Hopper 3 App.  This app requires the Hopper 3 box (which will work with all current TVGuardian models) but will allow you to watch on all Hopper 3 and Joey boxes in your house.

3. In theory, attaching digital optical cables to bypass the HDMI sound should work.  You will need 2 optical cables to try this method.  Your Dish receiver AND you TV both have to have digital optical ports for this fix to work.

4. Double check all your HDMI cables to ensure they are plugged in fully.  Also try changing/swapping HDMI cables as sometimes they do go bad and some can even limit the "handshaking" allowed (HDMI 1.0?).

5. The last thing to try is checking your audio setting in the menu to ensure you are using Dolby Digital AND PCM.  PCM is used for sound on standard definition channels while DD is used for most HD channels.  To get to the audio settings follow these generic steps: Menu > Setup/Settings > Audio Output > Dolby Digital/PCM.  This should be selected.  If PCM only is selected, you will only get sound on standard definition channels.

Again, these are possible fixes for this no sound issue on the ViP 722k.  None of these have been tested or confirmed, but in theory, they should work to fix this issue.