TVGuardian LT

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TVGuardian LT - Troubleshooting and How To Videos
Watch the following videos for additional help. Test Mute Isn't Muting, or In... more
How Does TVGuardian Work?
TVGuardian monitors the hidden closed-caption text in the background while you w... more
Does TVGuardian Catch All Offensive Words and Phrases?
The TVGuardian is very accurate. It does catch 100% in most movies and TV progra... more
Does TVGuardian Filter 'God' and 'Jesus" When Used As Expletives?
TVGuardian does have a special setting to filter offensive uses of religious ref... more
Is The Closed-Captioned Text Displayed All The Time?
The TVGuardian has three (3) closed-caption (CC) settings for your convenience a... more
Subtitles vs. Closed-Captions
Some DVDs may show that they have closed captioning when they do not. Apparently... more
TVGuardian Is Not Filtering A Known Closed-Caption Movie/TV Show
If your TVGuardian is not filtering a movie or TV show that has Closed Captions ... more
TV Settings Are Corrupt
If you have a model TVGuardian LT, perform the following steps. If at anytime y... more
Sound Is Muting After The Profanity Is Heard - TVGuardian LT
If the TST button on TVGuardian LT mutes and unmutes your TV (or audio receiver)... more
Mute Test IR Sensor Position
You need to connect the yellow video outputs from your signal sources only for f... more
Mute Test Learned Signal But Is Not Muting When Pressing Button
If TVGuardian LT seems to have learned your remote control mute code, but pressi... more
Remote TV Does Not Work After Installing TVG
Sometimes installing the TVG will cause your receiver or DVR to change to a "1 T... more
No Sound, Picture or Menu
If you have only one source of a signal (cable box, satellite receiver, DVR, or ... more
Lag or Delay in Filtering Profanity
If you are experiencing Lag or a Delay in the filtering, for example: the TVGuar... more
Sony TV Solutions
We have a solution for your Sony TV! Please learn the mute code by following the... more
Sony Blu-ray Players Not Being Filtered
The yellow video connection (composite cable) from the player (or any other sign... more
AT&T Uverse and LT Unit Compatibility
TVGuardian does work with AT&T U-verse. I've used it with U-verse in my own home... more
Antenna and Coaxial Connection LT (From The Wall)
The LT works very similar to our previous units in that it requires a yellow com... more
Tivo Settings
TVGuardian and Tivo have been used with great results. That said, we have not be... more
Australian and International TV
TVGuardian uses the NTSC video standard (North American video standard) not PAL ... more