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TVGuardian LT Common Questions and Setup Help

Rear Projection Televisions Compatible With TVGuardian LT?
While some rear projection televisions have the remote control sensor (IR sensor... more
Yellow Port Is Taken; Using RCA or Red, White and Yellow Connections
If you are currently using RCA or Red, white and yellow connection for your setu... more
Why Are There Two “IR eyes” on The Infrared cable?
The new TVG LT is capable of controlling two devices. If your sound comes from y... more
TVGuardian LT Tips
Reduce the Muting by Changing the Filter Settings TVGuardian's default setting i... more
TVGuardian LT Setup
The TVGuardian LT acts as a smart remote control. The TVGuardian LT needs to lea... more
TVGuardian LT Differences
There are some differences in our previous models and TVGuardian LT. TVGuardian ... more
DVD/VCR Combo Players With LT Unit
The LT model will work with combo players as long as the composite video port in... more
Common Questions About The New TVGuardian LT
Common Questions about the New TVGuardian LT * How does the New TVGuar... more