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TVGuardian is Not Filtering a Known Closed Caption Movie/TV Show

If your TVGuardian is not filtering a movie or TV show that has Closed Captions please check the following things:
1. Check that the movie or TV show contains Closed Captions by directly connecting your source to your TV and displaying the CC.  

a. Connect the yellow video output from your player directly to a yellow video input on your TV.

b. Use your TV remote to select that input source (Video, Composite Video, or A/V; not Component Video).

c. Load a DVD that has CC (not SDH or subtitles).  Play it until you get to the main feature where there is dialog.

d. Then use your TV remote to enable the display of CC. If the CC does not appear, then your player isn’t passing the CC signal.

2. Check your yellow video cable connections, making sure they are firmly inserted into the correct video out ports and CC Input ports.

a. Swap the yellow video cable with a different/new yellow cable to assure it is not defective.

b. Try attaching the yellow video cable to a different Input on the TVGuardian to test the Input port.  Make sure you swap the INP light or the Input on the TVGuardian to the current Input the yellow cable is plugged into.

3. If running high definition 1080 resolution, turn the resolution setting of "default" or "auto" off and turn it on 1080i / 480i.   

1080p / 720p / 480p do not pass the CC to the TVGuardian.