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TV-B-Gone Pro -- Recharging The Battery

Here's how to get your battery recharged:

When you take your TV-B-Gone Pro out of the package for the first time, its battery should have enough charge to blink the visible light after you push the activator button. If it does not, then you're TV-B-Gone Pro's battery might need a kick-start to get it to charge for the first time:
1. Plug the charger into the AC wall socket.

2. Quickly push the charger's plug in & out of the Pro unit 5 to 10 times.

3. The visible light on the Pro unit should blink a few times after pulling the charger's plug out after one of the insertions. After you see the blinking light, your Pro unit is ready to charge normally.

4. Charge your Pro unit for 90 minutes.

5. Turn off lots of TVs!

As long as you charge your TV-B-Gone Pro's battery at least once every 3 months, you will never need to kick-start its battery again. 

Don't worry about over-charging your Pro's battery -- it has a protection circuit built in, so you can charge it as long and often as you like without harm.