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How Does The TV-B-Gone Work?

The TV-B-Gone acts much like a regular TV remote control, but there are some differences or which you should be made aware: 

First, there is no indicator light to tell you that it is turned on. The emitter node at the front of the device emits an infra-red light, but you can't see it.

Another difference is that the TV-B-Gone remote control is very small and lightweight when compared to other remote controls. The batteries are also extremely small, and are included and preinstalled in each device.

To use the TV-B-Gone remote, follow these steps:

  • Point the remote at a TV, as you would with any other remote control.
  • Press the button once.
  • Keep it pointed at the TV until the TV turns off. 
    • *It may take up to 69 seconds for the TV to turn off, but most will turn off within the first few seconds. Although we tried our best to make the TV-B-Gone capable of turning off all TVs, there may be a few it won't turn off. 

If you want to turn the TV back on, follow the same steps, allowing the potential 69 seconds to pass, until the TV has turned on again.

Please feel free to contact us if you feel your TV-B-Gone remote is not working properly. There are also other resources in the FAQ section of our website